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Various Steps

New products & process development
Optimisation of the existing production process
Improvement of logistics
Supply of technical Assistance and spare parts

Ceramic Division

The ceramic industry was the first sector to which STUDIO 1 Automazioni Industriali s.r.l. dedicated his efforts, receiving his first professional recognition.

This recognition STUDIO 1 Automazioni Industriali s.r.l. received it both in the ceramics district of Sassuolo but also throughout the rest of the world where ceramics has grown creating large industrial concentrations.

It is well known that the ceramic industry is fundamentally a young industry and for this very reason, in fact, in a few years this industrial sector has gone from a production cycle full of manual phases to one of the most automated industrial cycles. STUDIO 1 Industrial Automation s.r.l. is proud to be part of this automation process that has made the Italian industry a world leader in ceramic plants.

Building on its experience and commitment, the company has registered continuous growth over time and has taken a leading position in the field of industrial automation design engineering and construction, also thanks to its flexibility and vocation for research activity and development of new solutions.

In particular for the ceramic sector Studio 1 designs and builds plants for large slabs, handling, storage, picking, packaging and slab warehouse , complete plants for decoration in third and fourth fire, roller kilns  and roller driers, plants for the production of mosaics and special pieces.

Each project is based on direct collaboration with customers, which allows a successful combination between our technical experience and their production experience, thus obtaining excellent results with customized equipment and systems designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Optimization of existing production processes to improve quality and reliability
  • Development of new products and processes
  • Increase in production capacity and decrease in production costs
  • Reduced personnel costs and improved safety
  • Automation and conjunction between the various phases of production
  • Improvement of logistics and exploitation of existing spaces
  • Supply of technical assistance and spare parts
  • Optimization and staff training
  • Engineering
Big Slabs
Third Fire
Mosaics - Special Pieces