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11 February 2022
Acquisition of Tecno Sistemi s.r.l.
The acquisition by Studio 1 of Tecno Sistemi s.r.l. has been completed. The company specialized in the construction of electrical systems, PC / PLC software development on industrial automation machines and anthropomorphic robot programming. Thanks to the twenty-year...
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10 November 2021
Inaugurated the new production line in Laminam
On November 5 2021, the inauguration of the new Laminam production line  was held at the plant in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma). Studio 1 is pleased to have contributed to the success of the production plant doubling   by providing all the automation for the  7 floors  d...
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4 May 2020
Communication of operations: We are there!
The important is not how hard of a hit you can give, the important is HOW MANY YOU CAN TAKE and if you end up on the carpet YOU HAVE THE STRENGHT TO GET UP AND MOVE FORWARD We wish you to inform you that our production is fully operational and all activities a...
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