Our work

Various Steps

New products & process development
Optimisation of the existing production process
Improvement of logistics
Supply of technical Assistance and spare parts

Robotic Division

The new robotic DIVISION allows us to expand our technological solutions to offer the most varied possibilities in several application sectors. We can integrate Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Kawasaki, Comau in our automated robot systems, taking care of sales, installation, programming and assistance.

We can develop all the possible automatic islands integrated in the production process related to the customer’s needs. Our work starts from the customer’s need to find technological solutions that can guarantee reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness of the production lines.

Technicians and engineers study the peculiarities of the project together with the customer until they find the best technical solution. After the technical study we proceed to the analysis of the economic feasibility of the project itself. For us, investment must be synonymous with savings, so we always try to offer solutions that provide pay back times in line with market needs.